Frequently Asked Questions


The XAT is the BEST test for Excel. It was created by internationally recognized Excel expert Tom Urtis. XAT identifies an Excel user's REAL level of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert.

XAT's testing method evaluates your score in real time after each question. Your answer to a previous question determines the skill level of your next question, enabling you to achieve a final score that truly represents your skill level.

No. You are an adult. Unlike other tests, XAT has no proctor. There is a reasonable time limit for each question, with a visible timer showing your remaining time. Unanswered questions are marked Wrong.

XAT is designed for your convenience. There are no restrictions to when or where you take the test - working from home or at the office, on any day of the week, on any device.

Tom Urtis, internationally recognized Excel expert, constantly monitors XAT's accuracy. As new features are added to Excel and older features become outdated, immediate revisions are made to keep all XAT questions current, accurate, and relevant.

Yes. The XAT can be taken anywhere at any day and time, on any computer or device.

The XAT Comprehensive test begins with 30 questions. If enough are answered correctly, 12 more questions are automatically presented for a total of 42 questions to possibly reach an Expert level score. This test takes about 25 minutes to complete.

An XAT specialty test (XAT Data, XAT Formulas, or XAT VBA), has a total of 10 questions, taking about 10 minutes to complete.

Yes and yes. Individual tests can be purchased. Bulk discounts are automatically applied with the purchase of 10 or more tests.

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